Telling through pictures

Places, people, extraordinary and special experiences Esperienze that have always left to me a trace.

As mother and guide, nature Esperienze has taught me so much and I have learned the respect.

Technology speed of change, Esperienze instruments and technical knowledge.

Cameras, photography, informatics, documentary films, climbing, speleology, equipment, workflow, marketing, advertising, human being, ground, ice, snow, water, air.

People would not have understood if I had told just video maker, explorer, author.

«Maravilloso, fatigoso, imponente…grazie alle tue immagini e suggestioni, mi sembra di essere li in alcun modo…Complimenti per il tuo lavoro minuzioso che abbina ritmo e sentimento, complimenti per la tua personale impresa.»
Natalia, Estrada
«J’aime ce film, félicitation ! Pouvez vous mettre ce reportage sur spéléoTV?» «Que lugar tan espectacular y que gran video. Lo he agregado a mi canal, espero que no os importe.»
Manuel , Gracia
«Very nice! Thank you for sharing. I think you are right that the ancient, maybe primordial rhythms, though slower, are true to the infinite and central to all things living within the earth.»
Doug, Hagens

Skill and Knowledge


 (I) Ideas (E) Equipment (A) Approach (W) Work-flow


 (I) Ideas (E) Equipment (A) Approach (W) Work-flow


 (I) Ideas (E) Equipment (A) Approach (W) Work-flow

 (I) Ideas Ideas (E) Equipment Equipment(A) Approach Approach (W) Work-flow Work-flow

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Secret Weapon...

Team Vibram
Every runner has tough decision to make between safety and performance: to choose the best grip, or the finest traction, or the lightest sole? What about to have all those qualities build in one | #Vibram #Megagrip #Litebase Discover this new technology at Vibram Sole Factor truck from 28 to 31 August in Chamonix during Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - UTMB week!
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Perfect Day

La pesca artigianale rispetta l'ambiente, la disponibilità delle risorse e le tradizioni locali. La Tonnarella è una pesca secolare, per le sue caratteristiche richiede esperienza da parte dei pescatori sulla stagionalità del pesce ed una profonda cultura del mare... Aiutaci a sostenerla e a dar seguito alla sua attività su #inreteperlarete #tonnarella #Camogli #AMPPortofino
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Dream it... Do it

Team Vibram
Hello runners, hello outdoor lovers, it’s time to fly to new horizons. Vibram Team Vibram ; Julbo Eyewear ; BV Sport France; CrazyIdea ; Garmin ; Instinct Trail Inspired Visit Madeira
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