Telling through pictures

Places, people, extraordinary and special experiences Esperienze that have always left to me a trace.

As mother and guide, nature Esperienze has taught me so much and I have learned the respect.

Technology speed of change, Esperienze instruments and technical knowledge.

Cameras, photography, informatics, documentary films, climbing, speleology, equipment, workflow, marketing, advertising, human being, ground, ice, snow, water, air.

People would not have understood if I had told just video maker, explorer, author.

«Maravilloso, fatigoso, imponente…grazie alle tue immagini e suggestioni, mi sembra di essere li in alcun modo…Complimenti per il tuo lavoro minuzioso che abbina ritmo e sentimento, complimenti per la tua personale impresa.»
Natalia, Estrada
«J’aime ce film, félicitation ! Pouvez vous mettre ce reportage sur spéléoTV?» «Que lugar tan espectacular y que gran video. Lo he agregado a mi canal, espero que no os importe.»
Manuel , Gracia
«Very nice! Thank you for sharing. I think you are right that the ancient, maybe primordial rhythms, though slower, are true to the infinite and central to all things living within the earth.»
Doug, Hagens

Skill and Knowledge


 (I) Ideas (E) Equipment (A) Approach (W) Work-flow


 (I) Ideas (E) Equipment (A) Approach (W) Work-flow


 (I) Ideas (E) Equipment (A) Approach (W) Work-flow

 (I) Ideas Ideas (E) Equipment Equipment(A) Approach Approach (W) Work-flow Work-flow

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