storytelling through images

this is what I attempt when I am fortunate enough to encounter

extraordinary places, people and situations.

Twenty years’ worth of travelling and documenting, numerous experiences, evolving technology,

and both new people and situations, which I have somehow always managed to learn from.

A Nature Mother and Teacher, the curiosity of discovering about Her,
from the seemingly insignificant to Her most ancient secrets.

There is an old Indian saying which states that we won’t be remembered

for what we have said or done but for how we made people feel.

                                                                                                                               alessandro beltrame

skill and knowledge


(I) (E) (A) (W)


(I) (E) (A) (W)


(I) (E) (A) (W)
(I) ideas - (E) equipment - (A) approach - (W) work-flow

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