Project Description

The backstage of Alaska The Spill production.
Here some technical info: The documentary filmed and edited in DVCPro HD – (720p – 50fps), the backstage filmed with a Nikon D90.

on board:
N°1 Panasonic HVX 201 (Vocas mattebox)
N°4 P2 Card 32 and N°2 P2 Card 8
N°1 Panasonic AG-HSC1U AVCHD Camera (low profile shots)
N°2 SD Cards 16 Gig

N°1 Mac Book Pro 17″
N°6 250 Giga Hard Drive (Store & Backup)

N°1 Sennheiser radio-microphone
N°1 Sennheiser Boom – microphone

N°1 Sachtler FSB6 Fluid Head with carbon fiber Gitzo Legs

N°1 Kata Bag KT HB-207 for camera, lens, filter, accessories
N°1 Kata Torso Packs KT T-212 for mini camera, lens, filters

N°1 Nikon D90 for backstage photo/video

some numbers:

400 Gigas of HD footage
temperature range from – 35° C to + 9° C
location: Prince William Sound (Alaska)
3 days at Anchorage
3 days in Valdez
4 days on boat
4 days in Cordova