Project Description

In a historic moment increasingly hectic and fast, it’s weird
to meet, just behind the house, the realities that have not undergone
acceleration, which regulates most of the world.

Everything is slower, even the clouds, air and nature in general. The
sun rises slower, the light comes up slowly and anyone who passes
threshold conforms to these rhythms.

Behind Genoa, Italy, less than an hour, there is an ‘old
Abbey, which has remained almost the same for centuries, living inside some monks, that still follow the rhythms of nature and of the earth.

Even the forms send harmony and tranquility and, finally, peace.

An attempt to rediscover the value of slowness, of going slow
to see and understand, to work hard and enjoy the journey towards a
objective: ancient values, now increasingly rare, but in reality still
important to grow as people inside the world.