Project Description

The briefing was: “a scuba regulator so nice and perfect that could be a diamond”… from this short phrase was born this filming idea.. Not only like concept, but technically and logistically. Then the main object, the regualtor A 700, needs to be hidden more possible. Only some particulars arrive in the first part of the spot. The A 700 is something of magical, with a great energy that is concentrated inside it. After Effect help me to make visible this energy. The place is incredible and the weather helps me and Luca Coltri, with a hole in a perfect storm, so big waves and particular light make Planier Island a perfect set.
Underwater we have looked for “large movements” so in post production I’m in condition of forwarding like a dizziness, then a super slow motion on the main frame, with all elements inside. Overcracking 50 fps helps me.
A commercial long spot, but always an emotional visual experience.