Experiences come alone, in overlapped uneven blocks, and then just for a while, nothing. And it is in that moment that they are your own emotions. They become worth tools and skills Experiences  .

Luckily other experiences arrive and get you back on track, they give you a kind of pleasant, productive uncertainty, a kind of unsteadiness forwards that it seems you are falling down.

If you are pretty good, you travel unsteady, almost your nose touches the ground but it never crushes; if you are not so good, you hit the path or you are so far away you cannot smell the grass you are treading.

These are my experiences Experiences .

The threshold of perception is unsteady, it moves you forward with its dangerous course, it is pleasant, always exploratory, often out of the safety zone. If you control the balance, you can travel fast on each field: technical, logistic, creative and personal. It happens just for short periods, the remainder is just inertia or kinetic energy transformation.