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VEOG 2009 – Valsesia Extreme Outdoor Games


Air, Water, Earth, Adrenalin, Force and Balance, these are the ingredientes.
The natural and spiritual evolution of Teva Extreme Outdoor Games, more locations, more specialities, more athletes available for the video production.
This is the right place for a international filmakers contest on outdoor sports. Next year… keep in touch!!

La conseguente evoluzione del Teva Outdoor Extreme […]

Estratto del documentario “Grotte di Miniera”

“Grotte di miniera. Dentro gli archivi del tempo”

Un lavoro dedicato alle bellezze della grotta di Santa Barbara nel Parco Geominerario dell’Iglesiente, realizzato con tecniche di ripresa d’avanguardia. Un documentario scientifico con la regia di Tullio Bernabei e la fotografia di Alessandro Beltrame.

GrottenarBeiter and the river of the night

A mysterious underground river vanishes in Slovenia and reappears in Italy after 50 km. For 2 centuries man has tried to explore it.
This is a story of impossible challenges, successes and tragedies.
A documentary directed by Tullio Bernabei. photography Alessandro Beltrame, produced by Fantastificio Trieste

Jel Tegermen – Mulino a Vento

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This is a story about exploration, real exploration, a “nowhere” that probably has never seen the humans before.
A mountain, a peak very aesthetic and visually similar to the Matterhorn, without a name, until some days ago.
Here in Kirghizistan, and we are Alessandro Beltrame (producer/ outdoor filmmaker and alpinist). Paolo Rabbia (alpinist, climber and skier) […]

Only be myself…

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A man, a mountain, a team, a record… a lot of elements to put together… a film production, a meteo wizard and above all the summit. Aconcagua 7000 with Nico Valsesia. Enjoy the trailer and stay tuned.